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    One Earth, Countless Experiences across Pro-invest Group

    Property All Countries – Environmental Program

    Today’s investors and consumers demand sustainable offerings. At Pro-invest Group, we don’t believe success in business is only measured financially, and neither do our stakeholders. But financial returns and good sustainability and governance are strongly correlated.

    Established in 2010 Pro-invest Group is an investor in hotels and commercial property assets in ANZ on behalf of global institutional investors, with $2bn of assets under management. Pro-invest’s integrated platform spans the entire hotel lifecycle.

    In 2022, One Earth, Countless Experiences across Pro-invest Group (OECE) was introduced as a core part of our brand. Pro-invest has always been an ESG leader in the hotel sector. OECE means ESG principles are applied full circle across the whole platform.

    A true ESG approach is not just a coat of green paint, and should run through everything, big and small, seen and unseen. It has never been superficial for us, and now we are ensuring it is in all fibres of our organisation.

    In short, it means:

    • Expanding our platform, but lowering our footprint
    • We have one Earth with abundant places to enjoy
    • A lasting commitment for a better future
    • Celebrating the big and small
    • Mindful tangible and intangible moments
    • Staying true to what we deliver

    OECE will inform our initiatives for years to come but position us as measurably the market’s foremost ESG and sustainability-focused offering long before that. Guests, employees, and investors will see the OECE ESG principles run through everything they touch. This is the future of hospitality and the next logical step for Pro-invest.

    As we grow our ‘OECE’ legacy, we ought to bring to life sustainability across the entire Pro-invest journey. We will ensure that as individuals Invest, Develop, Live, Work, Play, and Stay with us, they will see the Pro-invest sustainability difference. This is our commitment, ready to be experienced.