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    Lazy mornings


    Melbourne born, but to this day still inspired by his southern Italian heritage, Danny Natoli lives and breathes great produce, flavours and food. With experience working on Tuscan olive farms, to cooking gigs on boats in the Mediterranean and long conversations spent with artisans around the world, alongside what Melbourne itself has to offer, has inspired the food he’s excited to create today.

    Having first met Adrian at Donovan’s Restaurant, more recently Danny has occupied the top job at culinary hub Neptune Food & Wine in Prahran, and most recently of critically acclaimed Rina’s where alongside Adrian they caretake the legacy of former owner Chef Rina d’Alessandro, using what’s in season wherever possible, in keeping with the Italian way of cooking, albeit with a modern touch.

    Whilst our partnership may not make any sense on paper, we have a synergy that is rare to find. Having worked together for so long now, we can let our ideas flow organically and trust in the training and techniques each other bring. We can’t wait to bring the joy of trying new yet somehow familiar things, to the people of Melbourne and hotel guests from around the world, in a way only we know how.