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new york


184 Main Street Victoria 8007


    What else would you expect from a Melbourne bred, half Sicilian duo unafraid to reinvent Asian street food. In fact, don’t expect anything, just come ready, and hungry. Bring friends – good ones.

    Danny Natoli and Adrian Li (Rina's, Neptune Food and Wine, Saigon Sally, Tokyo Tina) pay homage to a mother’s love, the ultimate La Madonna, both challenging and comforting, like their food. Chilled vibes, one on one encounters, spirits and tinctures like no other and a Melbourne rebirth. That’s what we’re about at La Madonna Restaurant and Bar.

    With inspiration taken from long nights around family tables covered in food, from travels afar on boats to farms, vineyards and street corners around the world, paved with great storytellers. And a community of artisans from Melbourne and around the world, who like us, won’t compromise on creating simply great food, and drinks you’ll need to remember.