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184 Main Street Victoria 8007


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    It’s time to gather with friends, family and colleagues to toast the end of (another) year like no other. And of course, the city’s most exciting new luxury hotel is a must-do-destination for your festive celebrations. Why not add these event ideas to your Christmas

    As the Harbour Bridge is to Sydney, so are international events quintessentially Melbourne. Inspiring, eclectic, on the edge of world-class culture, fashion, sport and lifestyle – this is the city’s DNA. And while Melbourne can happily Melbourne again

    Stepping out from the sweeping golden lit staircase onto the third floor you hear it: the soft purr of well-oiled activity welcoming you in. Tinkle of glassware here, polish of cutlery there, murmuring voices: after months closed during Melbourne’s 6th lockdown

    Nestled in those magical late afternoon hours before day becomes night sits Aperitivo: part refreshment, part ritual without rules, always a social occasion. Steeped in Italian tradition, it is an art held dear – sacred almost - for Sicilian-blooded Chef Danny Natoli.